Holly Sorrells Bogard -Hot Springs, Arkansas Arkansas


Holly Sorrells Bogard likes to target the Corporate Ladder Married men in Hot Springs Arkansas, has no respect for her own husband who she cheated on and got pregnant by one of her coworkers! She likes to send flirty emails and messages and disregards wives requests to stop being inappropriate with husbands and coworkers, as she has only one goal and that’s to sleep her way up the ladder in hopes to secure her job because when it comes to actual brains and abilities she can’t perform her actual job title duties… The company she works for sadly has many office fraternization adulterous activities going on and she made sure to move in quickly as she has only worked there for a few years now. Ladies be sure to keep an eye out for Holly the HOMEWRECKER as she truly likes to move in on anyone she can gain some sort of security from… she likes to hang out in male coworkers offices and play the game of I’m just a friend only to slyly move in for the thrill and kill of a marriage. She frequents churches and sings a sad sob story of a deprived wives tale all the while she was getting bent on and off the clock! Don’t fall for her pathetic sad stories as they are just a way to make her guilt subside long enough to get her sexual perversion gratification fed. She now has a child who she destroyed the home of and broke the hearts of many in all directions and this child is already part of brokenness…

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