Holly Zimmerman – Brimfield, Illinois Illinois


Holly Zimmerman is a nightmare come true. She picked out her target and preyed on his family. She knew this man was married but did not care. She was determined to have someone to take care of her and would not give up. After she was turned down by 3 other married men she worked with and was dismissed for the whore she is, she concentrated someone else. Now I am not just saying it is her fault because it takes two. However, is like a dog with a bone when she is after someone. Constant calls and text messages sent to this married man that never stop. She is so desperate for someone that it never stops. Especially when she starts drinking then watch out!! If you encounter this one run as fast as you can the other way. she is like a preying mantis that will kill you and rip your head off when she is done with you.

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