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This company HomeCenter.com has a pattern — they also do business with business names like WebStores123.com and WebStoresxxx.com. They sell as “avaialble in stock””

then when you order

they immediately charge your Credit Card and send you an email that shipment will be in 3 weeks but for additional charges (of about 25%-30%) they will ship immediately by finding a different supplier. Now you are stuck. They already got your money. If you cancel the order

they charge order cancellation fo about 25%. I ordered stainless stell kitchen sink grids from WebStores123.com. My Credit was charged immediately by HomeCenter.com for the full amount. I got an email from WebStores123.com stating that shipment will be in 3 weeks or I could get immediate shipment by paying an additional $25. I decided to wait 3 weeks and sent (3) emails and (5) “”contact us”” messages over the next weeks but did not get any response. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute (assuming that they are not going to ship

I also ordered the products from another company “”FaucetDepot.com“” and received in 4 days). One week after after I filed the dispute with my credit card company (and 4 days after I had already received the product from the other source)

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