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On 10/30/2003 I Purchased some plastic to cover my parents roof because we are in the process of replacing the roof and it started raining so I decided to use the self check-out. Since I thought this would be quicker. nWell for starters it wouldn’t scan the items. Then I finally got the total which was $25.64. I put two twenties in the machine($40). My change was suppose to be $14.36. Well I got the 36 cents but not the $14.00. I told the lady at the help desk right next to the self check-out and she said that there was nothing that she could do because its my responsibility to retrieve my change from the machine. Which was not possible since it didn’t come out in the first place. nSo I then talked to the manager (Idiot) and he said the same thing. He also told me that he can’t just give me $14.00. I tried to get it through his empty skull that the $14.00 never came out to begin with, but he just in so many words called me a liar. So then he says I can give you 10% off your next purchase and I told him well I’m never shopping here again. Then to top it off I get home and call regional office and they tell well we can file a report but as far as getting my money back sorry we can’t help that is a manager decision. I tell the lady on the phone the if you had a competent manager I wouldn’t be calling you in the first place. nMichaelncovina, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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