Home Depot Panama City Florida Review


I would like to sum up my entire Home Depot / Jeld-Wen experience over the last 8 months trying to get a door. I ordered 3 hurricane impact rated doors in JUNE 2013 from Homedepot.com. All 3 doors damaged in transit and not delivered by non-stop destruction (NSD). I reordered all 3 doors with extra packaging. I received delivery confirmation but no doors. I call and find out all 3 doors damaged in transit by NSD.I write and call Jeld-Wen. I complain that they have been unable to ship me a door. They tell me that Home Depot has an exclusive contract with NSD and that there is nothing they can do. They review my order over the phone. I ask how an impact rated door can get damaged in shipping. They assure me they should not. Non-stop destruction calls me and tells me the door damage is my fault for not requesting extra packaging which I had requested. They then say the doors must have already been damaged when they received them. They refuse to take responsibility. I order 1 door with extra packaging. I receive delivery confirmation. I call because door not here. I find out door was damaged in transit by NSD and not delivered. I call Jeld-Wen. I tell them about my experience. They say that this is a very strong impact rated door and that NSD must be breaking them on purpose. I reorder 1 door through Home Depot. Home Depot tells me I will receive white glove delivery and free installation for my troubles. The installer will be receiving the door not me and the door will not be shipping through NSD.Jeld-Wen calls me and asks if I have reordered and what the order number is. They tell me they are getting my information to assure this door will get special treatment.I receive 1200 schedule delivery notification even though I was no longer expecting to receive the door personally. Door arrives at 745 am basic delivery by non-stop destruction. They refuse white glove service. No installer arrives. I call Home Depot, I am told someone will come out today or tomorrow to unpack and take away the packaging. No calls, noone comes. I wait 3 days and call Home Depot about someone picking up the packaging. They assure me someone will come out. No calls, noone comes. Happy to finally receive one of 8 doors after 8 months, I unpack the door myself. I find it is a damaged and repaired door 2 large 12″ X 6″” repaired sections (looks like bondo) and 2 baseball sized non-repaired dents

paint overspray on the hinges and 3 important things are missing; the door impact label

the window label

and the screw caps. I write Jeld-Wen to complain about their business practice of sending repaired items out as new. I receive a call from Jeld-Wen. The person said “”sorry”” and when I asked if this was a normal business practice

the rep did not answer and we had a nice long silence on the phone. Then I said goodbye and hung up. I write Home Depot to get the 3 items. Home Depot assures me the items will be sent out. I decide to get the door installed and deal with the condition. I receive a package but only contains the screw caps

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