Home Depot Pipersville Pennsylvania Review


ON August 3, 2006, I went to the Warrington home depot in Pa. and purchased a refrigerator. I was given the following form. (I took an extra copy because I have yet to receive rebates when applied for from home deport, and quite frankly I think it is a scam that should be reported to the attorney general.) nI was told that the refrigerator I purchased would qualify for a $100 gift card. (and $55 rebate on shipping/delivery charge). nI am then informed when I check on the internet that it was before the qualifying period, which is your excuse every time.( I have done several kitchen renovations for friends and they have yet (over 1 year) to recieve their $400 gift cards. All paperwork was signed and returned the day after the purchases. ) nCopy of receipt and rebate form are attached that your sales associate gave me. The home depot has repsonded after faxing all the copies of the paperwork that it did not qualify becuase the date was a day after the rebate, but the from clearly said Aug 3 rd to Aug 26th. I purchased this on the 3rd. I WILL NEVER GO TO HOME DEPOT AGAIN. WHY DOES THE CEO MAKE SO MUCH MONEY! $$$$ nAnPipersville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

2455 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta Georgia 30339 Warrington, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

215-491 0189

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