Home Depot Shi’Kahr Other Review


On May 30, 2011, I visited a Home Depot store local to me with the intention of buying parts to repair a toilet flushing system. Eventually I purchased a FluidMaster item, model number S2DBL, for $29.98. On the drive home I began to wonder if I might have forgotten an item (toilets are not my area of expertise), and so I visited the Home Depot website when I arrived home.In navigating the website, I unintentionally noticed what appeared at first glance to be the exact same FluidMaster product that I had purchased, but priced exactly $10 more and with a slightly different model number, S2DBLEO:www.homedepot.com/h_d1 -5yc1v/R-202191772/h_d2/ProductDisplay?storeId=10051&keyword=s2dbl&catalogId=10053&ddkey=SearchI wondered, did I miss a critical feature in buying a less expensive model?The next morning I called FluidMaster about it. I was told that FluidMaster DOES NOT MAKE a product with the part number S2DBLEO. Further, the specialist looked at the same item on Home Depot’s website and told me that it is in fact identical to what I bought, the S2DBL model. He did not, however, have an explanation as to why a nonexistent FluidMaster model number identical to one they do have was being offered for sale at $10 more than the real item in Home Depot stores; if anything one would expect a Web-only item to be somewhat LESS, not 25% more expensive. He was clearly suspicious of the situation, and thanked me several times for bringing it to their attention.So, bottom line: Home Depot is selling at its website the exact same item they sell in stores, but with exactly $10.00 added to the price and with a modified nonexistent manufacturer part number.

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