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I am a worker for a tenant of Kosh/Amy Sadeghian-Kamy Investments realtor com.Kosh and the tenant made a verrible aggreement to bring him $1000 and she had to repair the property to pass her inspection with section 8,onces she called letting the office/workers of his company know that house was ready for inspection.Once I made all the repairs to the property that’s when lanlord begin calling/texting tenant with threats to move after I worked hard for the family to repair the water leaks in washroom and guest bathroom. I repaired the whole home with new vanity,sheetrock to replace walls in area that had leaks.I repaired glass windows that was broken in the masterbedroom with a new one.I seen the tenant pay a electician to fix the ceiling fan in master bedroom that was fire hazardous to her children/family,the ceiling fan was throwing out sparks due to some wires notproperly connected which could have caused a house fire.I also repaired the leak in the patio roof that was causing the water to rotten out wood that was connected to patio cover that was causing leaks from roof being bad, it is three bad holes in the roof causing the leaks to come on the inside over the kitchen and patio.I am witness for the tenant that the tenant paid over $2000 in repairs and parts to remodle the home for tenant.This is a serious matter and something needs to be done about this landlord, his wife Amy and there workers off this scamming company destroying families out there money with false agreements,changing prices on tenants once tenant has repaired their properties.The tenant needs to get in touch with other victims to helping them all resolve issues with these realtors falsely scamming families for their benefit.This family is all disable tenants that’s being scammed at this present moment.I can write a book about this company/workers due there defamention of charcter of families.The at&t contractor that hooked up the satellite can witness about the tenants roof he is the one who almost had a accident while installing cable to tenant home,by telling her the roof had a big whole in the top.

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