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On sunday july 19th, i purchased an AC unit from sears. i am disabled and currently unable to install myself. so they contract with special D for delivery and installation. sears tells me that i will get a call that evening to be scheduled for monday delivery. lunch time monday, i have heard nothing from them. i then call the company. the receptionist informs me that my scheduled delivery is between 6-9 p.m. i come home from an appointment a few minutes past 5. i sat outside first in my car, then my porch talking on my cell phone to give directions to a friend coming over..the evening passes with no installer, nor a phonde call.. i call back tuesday. the manager tells me the installer came but nobody was home.. i inform her that if he came, it was not during the scheduled time. she insists he did. she says it is policy to leave a tag on the door that they missed me. but, there was no tag. she responded that it might have blown away.. nice try, but both sides of my porch are blocked. not going to happen. she says well he took a picture from the entrance to your property, i can send it to you. the picture was in broad day light, which would be at least a few hours from our scheduled time. no phone call.we schedule a thursday delivery. i ask what time. they say they will call me. thursday arrives. lunch time, no phone call. i call them. tonight you are scheduled 5-8. i pull in my driveway at 4:01, getting back from a surgeons appoinment that i could not reschedule. the 5-8 slot is still schedued for me. no phone call , no door tag, no show. two evenings wasted. friday, still nothing from them. we find out that sears sent my number over wrong. this explains no phone call, but not the absence once again of a door tag. we call special D and correct my number in the system. they still have no reasonable answer for why he was a no show, but give them same canned answer that i’m sure they give all their customers. at 4;30 pm they call to inform me that they are coming saturday from 11:00 a.m.-2 p.m. .. saturday morning i call to confirm that they have the right number for the tech himself. they do. they say things are still on schedule. at 10:00 am, my mom and a friend stop by. there were always one if not two cars in the driveway. they took turns doing lawn work and coming and sitting in my living room, 10 feet from a front door with large pane glass. at 2pm..no installer, no phone call. i call customer service, they pretend to call the tech. they get back on and tell he that he is running behind but will be there shortly( its a good thing that i can record phone calls too.) 4pm comes around. no tech. from my living room, i call again. a different person/liar answers the phone and says the tech came by. but nobody was home. imagine that, must have been the invisible man. i call sears at 6:30 pm. they call the owner of the company, the owner says he will send somebody out shortly. keep in mind that they only install until 9 p.m. 8:30 p.m. now, no show, no phone call. sears calls manager this time. they assure us a tech will be here by 9.pm…i bet you guessed it. they never showed or called. it is no wonder the BBB gave them an “F” rating… these people stole my money and refuse to provide the service i paid for. they knew i was disabled because i eventually told them. i live in texas with a house that has no insulation. i needed a working AC with 100 degree weather. my next step is the media and pursue legal action..they picked the wrong person to mess with..

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