Home Meat Market Boise Idaho


Complaint: The Home Meat market is evidently expanding it’s scam into Idaho. The familiar knock at the door and the first mistake was not saying no firmly enough. The salesman said he had meant that was suppose to be delivered to someone in the neighborhood but they were not home or something to that effect. He offered Choice Meat products at an extremely competitive price. We said no a few times but finally gave in after he started throwing in all of this extra product, chicken ribs etc. On the surface it sounded like a decent buy. He informed us if we werent happy there was a 100% guarantee. We should have asked what the 100% guarantee meant. We tried the chicken and it was horrid. The chicken item had an off flavor from what was advertised on the box. I tried to contact eh company via their website but the site was off line. I finally did get a call from the company and I stated our dissatisfaction. Well the guarantee states they will replace the item. I said I wanted a refund and was told since I already tried the product the refund would be out of the question. I said how could we tell if it was bad if we didn’t try it first. The lady I talked to had obviously been down this path many times as she had pat answers for all my objections. I ended up sending a certified letter within the 72 hour business day refund policy. The meat was sold as choice when in fact there was only one box that had any choice meat. The rest of the meat had multiple additives flavorings and wheat which I am allergic to. I stated this with the letter I sent requesting a refund. I have no idea how they found my wife and I as we are both senior citizens but I have contacted an attorney and it appears may have to go through litigation despite their 100% guarantee. Stay away from these people. They are pressure sales people, stray far from the truth and in my opinion this company is a complete scam. I will post an update as quickly as I hear from them if in fact I do and will update with details how this turns out. By the way the price for their chicken was close to $7.00 a pound. Not at all what we were told.

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Address: Boise Idaho Boise, Idaho United States of America

Website: www.homemeatmarket.com but site is offline


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