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2 years ago I purchased a foreclosure from Freddie Mac withnan added bonus of a free Home Protect Home Warranty paid for by Freddie Mac. I do not remember the exact price but Inremember in closing that I raised my eyebrow at how expensive it was comparednto other industry comparable home warranties. nThe Home protect website states: Peace of Mind Protection -nthats what the Home Protect Home Warranty is all about. And thats why itncovers 16 of your most important, and most-used, home systems and appliances. It lists plumbing, Electrical, Heating andnAir, Water heater, swimming Pool with the following disclaimer * If yournsystems or appliances are found to have a mechanical failure that is due to ancondition that existed prior to the Agreement effect date (closing date), it isnpossible that part or all of your claim will be denied. For those cases, HomenProtect will provide up to a 15% discount if you choose to use a Home Protectnservice professional, where available, as well as up to a 30% discount towardsnthe purchase of a brand new appliance. nHome Protect Home Warranty refused to cover all of thenfollowing claims on my home as each showed itself. Please keep in mind I had two homeninspections prior to the purchase, one from the VA and another from a homeninspector that I hired to walk around with thermometers and electrical gagesnand pressure checkers to ensure everything in the house was operational at timenof purchase. n1. n Mainnfurnace to the house died. Guy comes outnto the house and says that the condenser died and that the HVAC system has notnbeen regularly serviced so the damage was negligent and HomeProtect HomenWarranty would not cover it. They couldnassist in replacing at a discount which equated to 2 times the price of thenHome Depot price to replace the HVAC system. or he could do the repair at a fewnthousand dollars. n2. nMain sewer line busted day before Christmasnhouse full of family and friends. Theyntold me over the phone that it was not covered, if it was inside of the housenand a washer to a faucet they would cover that but not sewer. n3. nRoof started leaking . They told me over the phone the roof is notncovered. n4. nThe electrical panel made a loud noise and anbreaker burnt up. I called Home ProtectnHome Warranty and they told me over the phone that it was not covered that if anplug stopped working that they would come look at it, but the main panel of thenhouse was not covered. n5. nMy refrigerator died. Guy came out and said that it was negligentnbecause we didnt clear out the vent under the refrigerator that they wouldnassist us with purchasing a new appliance at a discount. It was twice the price of an appliancenpurchased from Home depot. n6. nMy washing machine died. Guy came out and said parts arent availablenfor that washing machine that they would assist with a discount again morenexpensive than what it costs to buy from home depot. I will assume he lied but I decided I wantedna new washing machine and dryer since mine wasnt energy efficient so I justnreplaced it from home depot at a third of the price. n7. nWindow started leaking water. Called and said it was not covered. n8. nBasement started leaking water. Called and said that foundations are notncovered. nI have paraphrased what was said because I did not takennotes at the time. What prompted me to writenthis review is the fact that every time I called I requested for them to sendnme a notice saying that they would not cover it. Not once did I get a correspondence from HomenProtect Home Warranty. They never evennsent me the home warranty details I asked for. nThis week I received a notice in the mail Act now and get an increase inncoverage to $50,000. At a price of $50nmonth. This company is so crooked itnticks me off that Freddie Mac (government) we the people are giving them sonmuch business. nI have complained to Freddie Mac through their online formnthree times and have not heard back from them. nI love how government spends our hard earned cash to the point that wenare not important enough to be heard when they get it wrong. As a tax paying citizen I would havenpreferred them not spend the money on useless home warranties. nOne final note: nI helped a friend buy a house and we tried to get FreddienMac to put money towards a cheaper warranty with another company other thannHome protect Home Warranty and they would not do it. So then we tried to get them to not issue thenhome warranty they said that they could not do that either.

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