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Complaint: I purchased a brand new Hp Laptop for $799+ in October 2016. it failed after just 8 months. It came with a lifetime Tech Support valued at $299.00 SRP. the company VtechSupport apparently went out of business. I contacted Customer Service at HSN and got a run around saying that theComputer is no longer under warranty. A computer that new is covered under an implied user warranty that is pretty much the same in most Satates.It is in Pennsylvania and > philadelphia also. .i was laughed at and told they would not exchange it for a working modegg and call microsoft to fix te he software > MSTF said it should be covereby Hewlett Packer Hp. Hp said it could repair it at my expense quotting abou $1200.00 way more than the Computer cost. I took it to a local Repair Shop where the Owner whom I have known for about 20 years is going to fix it by cleaning the HD and installing a Fresch copy of Windows10. No one wants to accept responsibility to at least pay for the expense involved by myself. As a Senior Citizen i am protected in PA by stricter laws. I don’t know where I can contact an Attorney who woud take it on a contingency basis. If one reads this please callme or email me as I am somewhat Handicapped and would not be abble to appear in court because of it.

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