Home Warranty of America Missouri Review


We closed on our house on February 18th. The second week of March our oven stopped working so we were glad that we had included a home warranty from Home Warranty of America as part of our closing. This is exactly the type of reason that you would have a home warranty. From there – we called them to start the claim process. As part of this process they interrogated my wife for 15 minutes or so until they got her to answer one of their questions in a way that they could deny the claim. As soon as they got this response, they were off the hook. They got her to say that she “had not cooked in the oven””. While this was true because we had moved in slowly over a couple weeks

I had used the oven on a couple occasions and it worked perfectly up until this point. We honestly believe that the customer service person was running down a list of questions trying to lead her into an answer that would get them off. It didn’t matter that I had used the oven. It didn’t matter that it had power and was working perfectly fine up until we called them. No amount of explaining would change anything

this Q&A session was the only thing that matters. This was by far the worst that I have ever been treated as a customer of anything IN MY LIFE. Both the customer service person and the “”manager”” were extremely rude. I would never recommend this company to anyone and I would like to let any person considering their product have a fair warning that I believe this company is truly in the business of denying claims. BUYER BE WARE!!!!”

PO Box 850 Lincolnshire, Illinois USA

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