I serviced my car Volvo/2006 Honda West Service for engine oil change on 05/10/07. The service did not have the 10W30Mobil1 Syntetic, and I provided my parts. Honda Shop did the labor. My car milege were 16449. I went home, and 2nd day I checked my engine oil. I was very surprised to see that the oil in my engine was still very dirty. I realized that the mecanics, they’ve stolen my oil, and they never replaced the used one. I went back 2nd day to the shop, and I spoke with manager Shawn. I told to him what I suspect. Mr.Shawn AGREED TO CHANGE THE OIL ONCE MORE WITHOUT ANY CHARGES. After that my car was leaking oil. Never had any leaks before. Was 3rd time when engine oil was replaced in my car. I did purchased this car as a 2nd hand car(purchase mile 6540). It was serviced before at Volvo Las Vegas. Volvo mechanics never found any leaks prior to Honda West incident. I suspect that after my complain of stolen my engine oil, the mechanics from Honda West responded with revenge, and hit my engine pan with an hard object, which cracked the pan in a vertical position. The car its in warranty but this kind of damage will not be covered because of vandalism. Now to fix the pan I have to pay 992$ according with Volvo inspection. THEY REFUSED TO PAY FOR THIS DAMAGE, AND THEY DISAGREE WITH MY STORY. THEY ALSO DISRESPECTED ME AND ACCUSED ME OF MADE UP ALL THIS. IT IS MY RIGHT AS A CUSTOMER TO CLAIM A THIS KIND OF PRACTICES AND BEHAVIOUR. THEY’ve STOLEN MY OIL AND FOOLISH ME IN ALL ASPECTS. MR.LARRY GenMngr TOLD ME THAT MY CAR WAS DAMAGED BEFORE, SO HE CAN EXONERATE HIS PLACE FROM ANY RESPONSIBILITIES. HE SAID THAT HE IS WASTING HIS TIME WITH ME, AND HE WILL NOT PAY FOR ANY DAMAGE. I FOUND THIS VERY UNPLEASANT FOR ME, AND THE WAY THEY SERVE ME AS A CUSTOMER. Marian Marian Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

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