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Complaint: This buyer bid on a 1973 Gremlin of mine. Refused to pay the deposit as the auction stated. Showed up with a big truck and trailer. Inspected the car, said it wasn’t as advertised. I said don’t buy it, I don’t care. This contract is null and void anyway, you never paid the deposit as required in 48 hours. He said I’ll take the car anyway. Goes home and asks for money back. He only paid 372.00 for a running driving car. Demanded a title, which he got. Which under parts car category is not required. Demanded 100.00 back. I would not. He filed a dispute. Now it’s escalated to a rules and safety commitee on Ebay. He wants me kicked off ebay. I got a nasty letter from Ebay. Meanwhile his whole story is the car is no good, motor bad, floor pans bad. But he’s on Ebay right now today buying all kinds of new parts for his 73 gremlin. So his whole story is I sold him a rotten egg, doesn’t hold water. Or he wouldn’t be buying door handles, lights, lens etc. He’s a scammer. He’s the reason People like me, after 11 years on Ebay are going to leave. I’m going to give it up. Too much hassle, way too many scammers. I think Ebay has reached it’s level of incompitence. Richard Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.

Tags: Junk Dealers

Address: 20415 Rd Ee Rocky Ford, Colorado U.S.A.



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