Hong-Mai Wilson – Middle River, Maryland Maryland


This woman likes to run her mouth as much as she likes to spread her legs. She will have sex with anyone and everyone. She has cheated on her husband with several other men and women, about 5 years ago she left her then boyfriend and assumed father of her 2 children when her daughter was just an infant. They reconciled and we’re married but it didn’t take her long to start straying. She is still married and began having an affair with another married man. For a year they would rent hotel rooms and she encouraged him to live a double life. She has turned a family’s world upside down because she wanted to get laid so badly. Hong has since separated from her husband, accusing him of wrong doings and demanding alimony and child support while she is not working. She isn’t clean. She has debt and will suck you dry for money or attention. She makes poor decisions like getting a back tattoo instead of using money for bills or to support her children (one of which is autistic). She isn’t a very attentive mother, either. (Go figure) She has mono, and possibly others, but hasn’t been tested. Stay away!!!!

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