Horizon Restoration beaverton Oregon


Complaint: Without getting into all of the details… it has taken over 2 months to dig a hole and patch 10 square feet of sheetrock, they stole my copy of the contract and are changing the scope of work. The first invoice had over $600 of false charges, that was for only a few days of work… They are scam artists, they refuse to paint the walls and are not even going to replace the trim they removed and threw away. Hire a blind homeless man, he will do a better job in less time and he will be more honest. If you do chose to work with them, store the contracts in a vault or safety deposit box off site and I hope you have a lawyer on retainer because you will need it.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 7235 SW Bonita Rd Portland, Oregon United States of America

Website: www.horizonrestoration.com/

Phone: (503) 972-0676

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