Host N.I.T


Web Hosting Scam – Don’t waste your money


My Complaint: Do not trust Host N.I.T., Dual Rack, or Cpanelhosting as a web service provider, ever. Their “CEO” Rishi Padooman has a record of scamming his “clients”. For all I can see, the company charges their customers for a month, provides services, charges them for a second month, and shuts down immediately afterward. This is how they conduct business, and it is absolutely disgusting. Webmasters beware: If you ever plan on hosting a live site, or any site for that matter, this is the LAST place you would ever want to go to. I’m absolutely confident that the rest of the reviews on Serchen for this company are complete bogus and should be ignored. Mr. Padooman should be ashamed of the fact that he references his “AMAZING” reviews on this website, because he probably wrote them all himself. The website is down at the time of this posting, and we are now trying to get our money back.


My Demand: Full Refund

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