Hotel Planner South jordan Utah Review


After booking through Hotelplanned we showed up to our condo to check in. They have nformed me to check in I would have to pay cleaning and other fees that hotel planner did not make me or the other people checking in aware of. They say it is on there website under a tab that we were not able to locate, but this was weeks later and only a reply after talking to the BBB. Because when you try to call them after you have booked their systems are constantly down no matter what time of day or how many time you call their systems will be down! This is why we had to pay the additional money and how they scam you. If you do not check in they will not refund you the amount you already paid and you can’t get through to anyone because their systems are down and they can’t help you when you either have to pay the additional $200 or lose the amount you already paid and go to another hotel. Scam… Scam…Scam…

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