Van Nuys California Review


My daughter was refused accomodation at this hotel after flying in from Los Angeles to visit Cornish Collegein Seattle WA. As parents we prepaid for the flight and hotel room so that our soon to be Freshman in college could visit a university in that area. At 10:30 at night when she arrived, she was was turned out by a night clerk who said it was a LAW in Washington, that NO PERSON could check into a hotel if they were uder 21 years of age. We booked this room through and were not specifically told that she needed to be 21 years of age to check into the room. After the refusal of the prepaid room, we were told IT WAS THE LAW that they could discriminate in this way and they were keeping the 2 night stay payment because the cancelation policy allowed them to. This put our daughter at serious risk and the hotel was horribly unfriendly towards us when we tried to sort out this misunderstanding regarding our daughter’s room. They KEPT our 2 nights PREPAID hotel room rate with taxes and fees, saying that they were not obligated to return our room deposit because our room reservation had been canceled…..By them. As parents, we were considering sending our talented daughter to this very exclusive college, we spoke at legnth to the school about this trip. We spoke to clerks and communicated with reputable websites, and yet when our daughter was sent to the streets to sleep in a forign city, no one cared the least of her safety. But they ALL got our money. We are furious and seeking damaged and our refund IN FULL.

618 John Street Seattle, Washington USA



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