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No reservation when I arrived I booked a suite at Suites on South Beach in Miami for two nights July 3rd & 4th 2013. When we arrived at the hotel we were told that they could not find our reservation. I gave them my confirmation from and they said they would call us when they figured it out. We were fine with that because we were off to the beach. They called us about two hours later to tell us that it looked like when the site ( had sent the booking the hotel had replied that they were full. The site never contacted us in any form. The hotel said that fortunately they had a room at their sister hotel two blocks away. We accepted that room. The Suites on South Beach has a kitchenette with a full size refrigerator and a sink and microwave and utensils. We were booked into a suite (one room, not really a suite) with only a mini fridge in it. We brought food to cook for breakfast and snacks for late at night. We could not use this food. When The trip was over I received a receipt from the hotel for about $65 less per night for than the Suites on South Beach. I emailed customer service at and I also opened a dispute with Amex. responded that they wanted paperwork which I sent them. They replied about tone month later that since I was upgraded to a suite at the sister hotel they did not owe me any refund. They said the suite had a mini fridge and the original hotel we booked had only a mini fridge and a microwave. They said the hotel where we stayed had a microwave available for use if we went down to the main desk and asked for them to cook food for us. I replied again with my receipt copies, a picture from the website of the original hotel showing a full size refrigerator and actual room that was a kitchenette. I copied Amex with my dispute number. The next day Amex credited my account for the entire charge. Two days later I received a reply from that they would refund $29.50 to my credit card because our room did not have a microwave. I told them they did not need to credit my card because my credit card company already had. I told them I was disappointed that they couldn’t meet their obligations and then couldn’t even refund the difference between the price of the two hotels. I don’t expect a reply since Amex has already credited the charge. Also, sent my reservation to somewhere called jumbo tours making it even harder to find the reservation. What would have happened if there was no room at the sister hotel and I was stuck in Miami on a holiday with no room? I would be extremely wary of using this site no matter how much cheaper they look. They obviously have no scruples or business ethics.

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