Hotwire Massachusetts Review


I booked a hotel reservation on hotwire on May 28th for a May 30th hotel stay. The price at the time was $70 (I have a screen shot). When I received the confirmation by e-mail, the price had jumped to $74, and there was an additional $20.95 in taxes and fees – suddenly my $70 reservation was costing me $94.95! I immediately called hotwire to cancel, but they “explained”” that since it was a hotrate

it could not be cancelled. I explained what happened and was told to fax a copy of the screen shot showing the $70 rate and I would hear back in 7 – 10 days (my reservation was in 2 days) – not a lot of help. I called back 3 more times to speak with another supervisor

twice I was conveniently disconnected when I explained the problem

and the third time I got the same company line. I finally called American Express and contested the charge. I will never use them again.”

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