Houghton Richards Pty Ltd South Perth Western Australia


Complaint: Where do I start … This company is the latest in a long line of “businessu201d ran by Rich ard train er. Before you do any business with him google him !!! He is a convicted felon with a host of failed businesses behind him leaving a trail of debt and destruction behind him. This “”businessu201d originally started in Perth and after having a physical address in Perth and after appearing to have a number of complaints about the business it suddenly up and moved to a remote address in Sydney. There are numerous complaints online about this business and the way they conduct business in a relatively unregulated industry of domain names. I have been contacted by many of my colleagues in the same industry whom have been contacted by this company promising increased rankings in google by buying portfolios of domain names. This has proven to be a complete fabrication and every single IT specialist and web designer I have spoke to have debunked this as false

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Address: misleading and can actually do the exact opposite. Since receiving many complaints online they shut down their business page and relocated to Sydney setting up shop there in a fake office (I know this to be fake as I have visited their office) offering the sam service with a fancy new website which looks the part but it too is filled with lies. They have no offices abroad where as there website claims to have offices all over the world. Other than their website thereu2019s is no mention of them in any of the countries the claim to be in. For a company supposedly pertaining to be at the forefront of online searchabily and rankings their own presence in these countries is very

Website: no contact number

Phone: very

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