House of Fade Barbershop


They treat out of towners like crap. We fly out to Vegas twice a year for the big ASD convention. The strip is not a good place to find a good barber. I first found house of fades a year ago searching for Barbershops in Vegas. First visit was great. Brother in the second chair from the entrance was very professional and left me looking like a million bucks. “No complaints” My second visit was a different story. So we fly out again to Vegas for a convention and decided to go back to house of fades because we felt our first experience was great and we couldn’t go wrong going back. It was myself and my business associate. We walked in and immediately noticed that the Barber who cut our hair the first time was not in yet. So we asked if anyone else would cut our hair. As we waited, our barber walked in so I immediately jump in his chair. He cut my hair exactly the same way he did the first time. Charged me $25 for a blowout and a line up. My friend decided to save some time he would go to the barber in the last chair. He asked for a simple line up “shape up” and nothing else. First let me tell you that he chipped him up so bad that he had to wear a hat for the entire trip. To make matters worse he charges him $40 for a line up “shape up”. Clearly taking advantage that he was an out of towner. I paid 25 for a full haircut and a line up. $40 for a line up is ridiculous. I will never go again to this Barbershop and if you’re from out of town find somewhere else where you won’t get ripped off.

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