House of Rare by Rare Addiction South Pasadena California Review


Rare Addiction company is an online hat store and many celebrities wear their hat. Because of that, I trusted their company: they must have been making high quality hat, or providing great customer service. So I bought their hat without hesitation. When I finally received their hat I was very disappointed because of its quality. These things always happen to anyone who buys stuff from online, and thus online mall has their own policy for return and exchanges. I decided to exchange with the same product then quickly checked their return policy, and it says their policy lasts 7days, but I was already passed 5 days and it was Saturday. So I sent a mail explaining my situation: I just received it and i will returning as soon as I can. (something like this) I used the same method as they used, Fedex, and tracking showed they received it back. I tried to reach them many many times. I emailed them 4 times. and I only received 1 respond telling me that they will send a new hat as soon as they receive it back. It has been almost a month since I returned the hat and I still didn’t receive anything. there is no respond since the first email, no new hat, and no refund( i check my bank account everyday)… here’s my record so far(I included this information when I emailed them)Mon, 9/1/14 : I placed an orderSat, 9/6/14 : I received the hat and noticed damages. I emailed them about my return.Mon, 9/8/14 : I returned hat with FEDEX (tracking #: 448239310072421)Tue, 9/9/14 : 2nd email using their “contact”” option in their website

9/10/14 : I sent 3rd email complaining that they don’t respond to my email.Thu

9/11/14 : Received respond from them saying that they will exchange the item.Fri

9/12/14 [1:51pm] : fedex tracking shows my returned hat was delivered.Wed

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