Houston Eye Associates Review


I am listing this post so others can avoid what I went through at Houston Eye Associates, specifically Dr. Mary Morales, OD. I highly recommend you avoid the Pearland office like they suffer from the plague! I was the last appointment for the day and arrived 10 minutes early; however, my appointment lasted well over 2 hours – not because they were busy or running behind, but because Dr. Morales felt it necessary to leave me sitting in an empty lobby for an hour with my eyes dilated. I complained loudly to the staff who would go back and check with her, but I was still forced to wait on Dr. Morales. When I was finally seen an hour later, it took her not even 3 minutes to do the exam. Really? I was forced to wait an hour and then the only time Dr. Morales could afford thereafter was 3 minutes to tell me – “Looks good”. Not sure what “looks good” means exactly, but Dr. Morales could have cared less. Please learn from my mistake. Read all the reviews about Dr. Morales and Houston Eye Associates before you go. My experience was not random, but is typical of what you can expect. No care, no concern, no apologies – just take your money so they can continue to rip off other people and maintain their fancy new offices at the expense of others. I really dislike to sound so bitter, but I was extremely dissapointed and could not believe I was treated in such a manner.

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