How She Ruined My Event


Companies hold events for many reasons. Maybe they want to help their employees learn something new. Or, maybe they want to boost their teamsí morale. In any case, a great event is certainly an amazing solution to many problems faced by companies. The success of these events relies on one person and one person alone, which is the keynote speaker. If the speaker is great, you can be sure that the event would be great too. Similarly, if the speaker canít give a good speech, know that your event is ruined.

Thatís why companies put in a lot of effort in finding good speakers for their events. I had put in a lot of effort too. But what if you find a great speaker who doesnít give a good speech on your event? You would be mad, wouldnít you? This is what happened to me. I hired Shari Levitin and thought she would make my event great. But instead of giving an amazing speech, she ruined it by promoting her book all the time. Shari Levitin is a major scammer and Iím sharing my experience with her in this article, so you donít make the mistake I made.

About Shari Levitin

If you visit any of her social media profiles, youíll see that she claims to be a bestselling author. She has authored a book called ĎHeart and Sellí. She runs the Levitin Group, which is an educational and training company. They teach companies about improving sales and boosting their growth. They mainly teach sales teams. Her company offers a bunch of services.

Her company offers resort sales training courses too, which range from beginner level to advanced level. They are really pricey and donít offer much value to the student. However, they are a major part of Levitinís company. They give individual courses as well as courses for teams.

For someone who has never heard of Shari, she might seem like an amazing entrepreneur. After all, she has authored a book, she is running a sales training company and has a strong following people online. But they all are just a distraction. While Shari might look like some expert sales professional, she is a fraudster who lies to people about her products and services. She doesnít take her customersí best interest in her heart. Her sole focus is on getting rich. And for that purpose, she can stoop to any level, no matter how low it is. Her company sells crappy courses but when the buyer complains about the quality, they donít do anything. They wonít give you any refund nor will they apologize.

Her Social Media Presence:

To make sure she keeps getting more victims for her heinous scam, she has maintained a very active life on multiple social media platforms. Social media sites act as boon for her because they let her connect with people without putting much effort. All she has to do is show off a little stuff here and there and people begin to think that she is some expert.

Her YouTube channel has more than 3,000 subscribers. Her channel shares videos of her speeches for promoting her services.

Her video titles are pretty interesting and they can convince a person to click on them. However, the videos offer incomplete advice to the listener and mostly promote her main business, which is the Levitin Group. You might wonder if her videos arenít this valuable then how has she accumulated 3,000 subscribers? Thereís only one explanation for that, she has bought them. And the proof is right there on her channel. For a channel with over 3k subscribers, getting a thousand views or even 500 views shouldnít be a problem. Moreover, when the content is too attractive and perfectly optimized, it seems illogical for it to have too few views unless the subscribers arenít watching the videos. And that only happens when the subscribers arenít real people. There are plenty of service providers who sell bots which are nothing but fake YouTube accounts as subscribers.

Buying fake subscribers might not seem very useful at first. However, it helps in increasing the number of sub count. And when a channel has a high number of subscribers it seems trustworthy. And thatís the main goal of Shari Levitin. She wants to make you believe her. She knows her content is trashy so he relies on these fake numbers. A high number of subscribers can fool anyone. They might think of her as a real expert and might end up buying one of her courses.

Her other social media profiles have a similar story. Her facebook page has around 2,400 followers. It runs under the name Shari Levitin Group. On Instagram, she has around 1,500 followers. on Twitter, she has more than 3,000 followers. These numbers help her in attracting customers. When youíd see her social media profiles and see such huge numbers, youíd think she is a reliable professional who is trusted by many people. And thatís what she wants. She wants you to think this way so you can easily become a prey to her scam. I think this is highly unethical and immoral to have a huge number of fake followers just to deceive people.

Never Hire Shari Levitin or Levitin Group

Before I write anything else about Shari Levitin, I have to point out that I hate her and her organization. She caused me a huge loss and wasted a considerable amount of my money. Her company doesnít provide services to the clients. It only steals from them. If you like Shari Levitin, or if you are a follower of her work, I must point out that the following experience might be very disappointing for you. However, I highly recommend reading my experience with Shari Levitin because it will open your eyes and show you her reality.

I run a small IT company. We mainly serve businesses that want to optimize their day-to-day operations by using software tools. Although I have a team of very talented salespeople, I realized they could do a better job by learning some more stuff. So I arranged a speaking event for them. My main goal was to help them learn about different sales techniques and to give them a morale boost. I started looking for keynote speakers in this sector. There are many people but it was my bad luck that I came across Shari. I had seen her on Instagram, and when I visited her website I was really impressed. She has many testimonials there and it seemed like she was the perfect choice for my training needs. So, I didnít give it much thought and chose to hire her. I didnít know I was making a huge mistake. That mistake cost me a lot.

I contacted her people to find out if she was available. They replied promptly and told me that she was available for speaking gigs. I was really happy to find that sheís available. I told them my requirements and they recommended me to get one of her three keynote sessions. I chose the one called ĎRehumanize the Sales Processí. Everything was going perfectly. I had arranged for everything. From the location to the timing. They had asked me for her booking fee, and although it seemed a little over the top, I paid them because I thought she was a really experienced speaker and you canít put a price on that. They confirmed receiving the payment and a day later, they also told me the timing of her arrival. Everything seemed great until the day of the event. There was no sign of Shari and I was worried that the entire event would get ruined. She arrived 30 minutes late and blamed the traffic. I wasnít mad then but I thought it was really unprofessional of her to arrive late to the event when she knew she was the keynote speaker. Her session was supposed to last 45-60 minutes. But she spoke only for 15 minutes. And most of her speech consisted of her bookís promotion. She didnít share any principles or any valuable insights as to how a salesperson can humanize the sales process. No, instead of sharing any valuable lessons, she just talked about her experience in the field, thanked everyone for coming to the event and then started promoting her book. I felt cheated. I didnít think sheíd be this selfish and depraved. I had paid her company for a keynote speech not some book promotion. This was really embarrassing and I didnít think sheíd ruin my event like this. When she finished her speech, I asked her whether sheíd give a real speech or not. She told me that Ďit was the real speechí. She also told me that if I had any problems, I can talk to her staff. Then she left the event. I contacted her team to discuss her behaviour and a refund. I clearly hadnít received the service I had paid for. But those guys told me that they canít help me in this regard.

According to her retarded staff, Shari had done what she was paid for and I shouldnít ĎDISTURBí them. Her customer support staff was just as rude as her. I was really frustrated with their behaviour. When I asked the staff member to connect me with her supervisor she just canceled the call. When I contacted them again, they told me that I should stop disturbing them. I couldnít believe what was happening to me. Those guys are clearly disgusting and unprofessional. It seems to me that Shariís company consists of many degenerates like her. Either she hires unprofessional and inexperienced lunatics to keep her costs low or she has instructed them to behave this way so her victims canít do anything about it.

Hiring Shari was one of my biggest mistakes. My employees thought it was a joke and the money I spent on the event went down the drain. All I wanted to do was inspire and teach my employees something about sales. All I got was a sleazy sales pitch from an old lady who doesnít know anything about sales. I strongly suggest you and everyone else to never hire Shari Levitin for a keynote speaking gig. She will ravage the event through her pathetic self-promotion.

Other People Have Also Suffered

After writing about my experience, I came across the experience of some other people. I wanted to see if there was someone else who has suffered the consequences of hiring Shari. Although I didnít find any reviews of her speeches, I did find a distraught review of her organization left by a previous worker. After reading the review, I realized why her employees were behaving so rudely. She doesnít know how to run an office. Iím just surprised at how she has been able to run a scam this big if she canít even run her own company efficiently.

The review was about the Levitin Group. The reviewer mentioned that the organization treats its employees very horribly. Apparently, her company expects its employees to be present 24/7. I believe thatís true seeing how horribly they behaved with me. No one should treat their employees this way.

I assume Shari gets many complaint removed from the internet. I have seen her horrible performance and I have also seen how her company eats up all your money. Iím pretty sure Iím not the only dissatisfied customer of this fraudster. There must be a ton of other customers with such experiences too.

What You Can Do

I shared my experience with everyone on this platform because I wanted the world to know the reality of Shari Levitin. She is not a sales expert. She is a scammer who scams business by taking their money for a keynote speech but doesnít deliver the speech she had promised. She ruined my event. Her behaviour showed me that she is a big narssist and I am certain no business can benefit from that ladyís unprofessional behaviour. They take money in advance so you canít really do anything about it as well. I think it would be best for any organization to stay distant from Levitin Group and Shari Levitin.

My experience with that lady has been terrible thatís why Iíve shared it with others here. Iím hoping that youíll be able to make better informed decisions regarding Shari Levitin after going through this article. I donít want anyone else to make the mistake of hiring that con artist. Iím sure she will ruin your event too. So avoid her.

You can spread the word about her as well. Share this article with others so they can be aware of her reality. Why let a scammer grow, right?


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