HSBC Bank Rio de Janeiro Review


My name is Antu00f4nio Pedro Lacerda de Barros, and I am writing to you regarding a nightmarish 18-year legal battle that I have waged against Bamerindus Bank in Brazil and its successor, HSBC Bank (Brazil). Sadly, my story is not unfamiliar to anyone who has followed HSBC in the news the last few years and, in fact, bears many striking resemblances to the following story, which was reported this year by Guardian Money: Like the customer in the above story, I have been fighting HSBC in the courts for almost two decades after my bank account with Bamerindus Bank was sacked by branch employees in the early 1990s. HSBC purchased the assets and liabilities of Bamerindus in 1997 and, in so doing, assumed all the outstanding obligations of Bamerindus. The issue of whether or not HSBC Brazil is responsible for all liabilities of Bamerindus is a settled issue in Brazilian jurisprudence, and has been for over a decade. I have hundreds of pages of supporting legal precedent, if you would like to review it. Indeed, HSBC itself says on several of its international websites and publications that it purchased the assets and liabilites of Bamerindus in 1997. As such, from now on I will use the terms “Bamerindus”” and “”HSBC”” interchangeably. My story began when an employee at the Ipanema

Rio de Janeiro branch of HSBC confessed to me in 1995 that bank employees

including employees at two different branches

had been illegally removed funds from my bank accounts. A court-appointed expert found that the partial total of these withdrawals was about $800

000 United States dollars

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