I used a trusted online classified ad site to search for a puppy. Contacted the seller by text and was sent a video of several adorable puppies. Applied for a puppy by their given website and was immediately accepted for receipt. After sending money via moneygram I was told the puppy would arrive at my doorstep the next day. Next day comes and I get an email from the delivery compstating I need to send an even larger amount of money to pay for an air cooled crate for the puppy to travel in. After arguing with the transport company for hours over unexpected fees, I sent the appropriate amount of money and was told the puppy would be on a flight to me. Hours later I received an email from the second part of the transport company stating I needed to send them a large amount of money for an insurance license. After refusing to pay the money I was threatened with being charged for pet abandonment. Thinking the ordeal was over, I started receiving threatening emails and phone calls the next day claiming I was still responsible for the dog and going to be held accountable for her welfare. To top it off, there is no proof that I’m even the owner of the “dog”

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