Hughesnet Ohio


Complaint: I stated I needed a phone line in the rual area I live in so that I could send and recieve FAX’s for my business. After installation I attempted to send and receive Faxed documents and could not. When I called them about my failure to Fax, I was informed by them that since Hughesnet does not have a static ip address faxes will not go through. I asked why I was not told this when I signed up and there is not a disclaimer stating that fax service will not work and they said I was provided what the contract stated and that was a phone line to my house and I had made the assumption that it would handle Fax service. So because of their contract cancellation policy with no exceptions I will have to pay 400.00 in cancellation fees.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: 11717 Exploration Lane Germantown, Maryland United States



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