So I wanted a husky! Price sounded great $400 delivered to my door, first male email’s me seconds after I requested info. Says he only accepts payment by MoneyGram that I can call company and verify insisting he can’t pick up funds without reference number “good for you and me” just to send him a picture of the receipt and cover reference number. Well I disagree and a few days later his “brother” texts me stating “Jonathan” (who the heck is that?) Is sick in the hospital and that I can “do the same deal with him” pay with PayPal and for same amount. So after pondering I do it I send him the PayPal and that day he states he got to freight company to late and it would be taken care of in the morning. So I can’t sleep that night thinking about how is he taking to freight if he said he was in Canada pup is in Texas and I’m lost. | I start looking online highlight pup’s picture and it’s from another internet company turns out the pup had been sold 4 months before and was about 6 months now. Okay so in the morning he texted me with freight info within seconds “freight company” calls to confirm now I’m frustrated but during this time I called PayPal and fill them in, the money is on hold he can’t touch it but funny enough he emails me and tells me that I should get a refund from PayPal and send him the moneygram. Well within hours the freight company texts me and states the pup needed a vaccination and a crate (funny thing pup was current on shots etc., And did he carry her to the freight company) and it would be $550 to purchase crate or $180 to rent one price included the shot needed. | At this point I’m beyond mad! So I text the guy and ask him to drop the act, to accept defeat and emailed the freight company (him) and the other person who emailed me (him again most likely) he was insulted (ha!). Well as of right now texts stopped but email insisted that since I didn’t follow directions he would have to call freight company and have them hold shipping, to this I answered I hope your imaginary pup has enough imaginary water and food to last the rest of her life drop the act already. But email guy still swears he has been doing business for years, yet all numbers lead to Google voice (funny even freight company has one) none of the links on freight company website are valid, and all the pictures which I being curious check for original site are stolen from other sites…… So please please do something with all this info….. Hopefully it will save someone the heartache and aggravation.

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