Complaint: Please do not list your car online with this company. Going is usually smooth till your car gets involved in an accident. They will abandon you immediately your car is invoved in an accident. Ordinary minor windscreen damage, hyrecar will not assist you to get it fixed by the driver. Hyrecar will get deposit from the driver and will not use it to solve any problem. I have 6 claim cases total more than $4500 with them for the past 2 yrs and nothing was done. My car registration is now suspended by DMV for toll tickets of over $950 incured by 2 drivers. I did transfer of liability and the tickets are still not paid by the drivers. Broken windscreen not fixed. I do not understand why the government should allow this company to be ripping off innocent car owners.

Tags: Fraud- Automotive, Scam Artist

Address: LOS ANGELES, CA United States



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