I Make Noise


I have everything in black and white saved from my texts. Nate O’Bryant made a claim that if I invested 7,000 into e-commerce he would make sure I made money on a daily basis. I’ve been disputing this with my credit card people with proof but because it had been awhile they stated they couldn’t help me. I had 2 surgeries due to cancer last year and invested thinking this would help me with my bills and as I stated Nate text me stating that I would be making money dailey and I would be able to pay my bills out in a few months. It has been almost a year and I continue to ask for 8,500 refund because he put over 1,500 worth of ads on my credit card. This individual will not adhere to his word he also stated he would work on this himself and he never did instead he had others by the name of Trumayne, Gary, and Franklin doing his dirty deeds telling me they were trying but still I’ve lost so much money. All I want is my money back. I told this individual I had cancer and 2 kids with autism and he stated how everything would be ok and just trust him and I trusted him and I’ve gotten burned badly. This man is a theif and refuse to keep his word and will not return my money.

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