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I need to share my story without disclosing the home wreckers information. Is that ok? It’s important I share because others will probably relate to my situation. || On May 23, 2005 my husband told me he wanted a divorce. It was two days after my son’s 18th birthday, we shared 35 years of marriage with three children who are all grown adults now. My son being my youngest and only boy, his father was his soccer coach all throughout his life so of course my son took it the hardest. I knew my husband was having an affair with my daughters friend in college. He was always leaving every weekend to visit my daughter for breakfast. At first I never thought anything of it because they really were having breakfast but when he decided to purchase a lake house 15 minutes from campus so he wouldn’t have to do the long drives back, I started questioning things. || I took it upon myself to hire a private investigator. This gentleman followed my husband for months and showed me pictures and video of them having sex every single weekend by the lake. I immediately contacted this girls father and asked to meet with him to show him what I had discovered. He was a handsome man who recently divorced his second wife. We had some wine, I showed him the pictures and told him his daughter ruined my marriage. He was not shocked at all and we decided to get even. || At that point, every time my husband would go to the lake her father would come to our house and we would make love. He was much better than my husband at it. I have to tell you, I got my smile back. It was just sex and nothing more. Well one morning May 23, 2005 my husband came home to his reality and caught us in the bathtub together. It was like his mother had died. I tried to calm him down but he immediately asked for a divorce and took his stuff. He moved to the lake house and I haven’t heard from him since. I told my daughter what happen thinking she would be mature enough to handle it. That made it worse because she confronted my lover’s daughter and then my lover’s daughter transferred schools so now my husband had no one. || I mailed him the pictures of his affair thinking he would call me to apologize. To this day we have not spoken to each other and have not legally separated. I’m still his wife. So the moral of my story is the woman is always to blame no matter what. A man can do no wrong.

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