I will never come back to the Sunnyvale Discount Smog


Due to the renewal of a new law, a car now has to undergo a smog check if the car more than 8 years old, so was mine. My Ford was 8 model years old and I had to get my car tested for the same. It’s been my first time in a smog station centre and I had no idea about it. I searched online for genuine smog centres nearby and found Sunnyvale Discount Smog – Star Certified Station to be the best at its service. I made an appointment and got registered for the very next day. After my smog check was done I was informed by one of my friends that the smog registration fee was not high at all, it would have been very much affordable if I would have done the smog check from some other station. Sunnyvale Discount Smog – Star Certified Station charged me double the normal price, being a new customer, they charged me more.
The smog centre was good and seemed friendly too. The smog check did not take much time and I was told to wait in the lobby for a while. It was about half an hour when they called me upon and opened the door themselves to let me in. This was quite impressive and I liked the way they behaved, I took a halt on a drinks shop nearby and as soon as I got out of my car I saw a very big dent which was not there before the smog check was done. I was shocked and realized that this fucking dent was the reason why the staff members were behaving so well to me and opened the door for me to let me in. I was very much furious by now and so I took my car right back to the smog station. I requested them to fix the dent and make it as it was before. They clearly denied at first and assured me that the dent was there from the beginning and they have nothing to do with it. Then I asked for the CCTV footage so that to be sure about the dent, they were hesitant to show at first but as soon as I warned them to file a complaint against them, they showed me the footage and it was clear that the dent was done by one of their staff members.
I asked them to fix it up to which the contractor said: “Even if it is our fault, we are just workers, we don’t have to pay you”. This annoyed me and I asked them for the number of their owner, the attendant refused to give the number and I had to search and enquire about such a smog centre to file a complaint. After weeks of searching, I had to give up and get the door fixed out of my own pockets. Fortunes take a flip sometimes but the attendant should have fixed the problem anyhow, he denied giving any information about the owner instead. Shame on his stealthy nature and the way they try to cover up their mistakes don’t strike me as a business model that works over the long run. The incident really pissed me off. And I would advise you all to avoid it as well. Thanks!

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