I wonít let others experience what I have experienced!

I wonít let others experience what I have experienced!

At Colonial Bowling and Entertainment, the food was tasteless and not well-cooked. The staff members were unwilling to make customers feel good about the place. Their rude and disrespectful behavior toward customers made me feel awful to have gone there. I wanted to try something different and Colonial Bowling and Entertainment came to mind. I did not expect the bad service and rude attitude from the staff.

I waited half an hour at the table before someone came to take my order. Nothing is the fault of the customer but in this case, and it is from their point of view that I was wrong to order which was not on the menu. There was no one at the front desk and the poor management didnít satisfy my services at Colonial Bowling and Entertainment.

I was disappointed to play on the slippery alleys. Bowling shoes did not have a pleasant smell and looked old and tattered. Quality of the bowling equipment did not encourage me to go further in the game. The poor service to get my food on time had discouraged me from eating their cold and not well-cooked meal. I put up with unprofessional staff and the lack of quality and with the untrained staff members at the Colonial Bowling and Entertainment Centre.

The bowling center was not busy and staff members wouldnít help with a query, even though they had time to impress with excellent customerís service.

The bowling arcade was a good idea for a few minutes. I realized the bar and cafť had no place in that part of the building which was another negative point for the bowling center.

I was charged for the time I played the game and not for each game played. That is a rip-off! Time limit to play each game is not what I expected from Colonial Bowling and Entertainment. It was not an enjoyable experience. Poor management and maintenance of the bowling alleys caused the lanes to not work. I was not satisfied with the customerís service. Staff members are rude and unpleasant. They are not well-trained, nor knowledgeable about customer care and the bowling games. The Centre is in a poor condition and I donít see professionalism from Colonial Bowling and Entertainment. Problems I faced with playing a game were unacceptable. The bowling balls were rolling off the lane and got stuck on the side. This has been an unpleasant experience and will not go back there.

The facilities are wet and not super clean. I did not find the food enjoyable. There is nothing fun about a game of bowling at Colonial Bowling and Entertainment. I complained to management about rude staff and the bad customer services. I wonít recommend Colonial Bowling and Entertainment to anyone due to their bad customerís service and the rude behavior toward customers. Colonial Bowling and Entertainment is a below-average company.

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