Ian Mackenzie


Complaint: Ian Mackenzie SCAMMER, STEALS IDEAS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, THIEF, MANIPULATOR, ADULTERER www.ianmack.com www.mettamedia.ca Occupy Love Ian MacKenzie of Mettis Films and “Occupy Love”” Tries to cash in on OWS with the constant bombarment of things he is trying to sell to make a quick buck while all the while making it appear and sound like he cares. It is counterproductive as the movement is about ALL people

Tags: Trailer Parks

Address: yet he will manipulate and leech his way into your pocketbook to support him. Be aware of this fraud. He will do anything to get his clutches into whatever the new and next “”big thing”” is and steal it from you. He steals ideas and writes what has been stolen and thought of by others

Website: so he steals the ideas as his own. Do not share anything with this creep! Authentic “”helpers”” do not continuely attempt to feed their enormous ego by making every social “”issue”” about them

Phone: his knack is the fine ablility to constantly beg the public for money to support him! What a fine joke it is

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