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Dear all, I purchased a MOTO policy-81362238 through Ravi Gupta on 12 July 2013. In order to ensure, I get the best deal. I sent a documented declaration for not being eligible for NCB & the quote received from Bajaj Allianz Rs 13500. I was offered Rs 12900 hence made an upfront payment for the quote of Rs 12900 in good faith. The policy document was sent after too many escalations only on 30 July 2013 over the email & subsequently through courier. 16-Aug-2013: I got the first shock, when I received a recovery email for claiming NCB. I was asked to shell out Rs 3751 .I refused to pay the same. I told Ravi to bear the cost for giving the wrong quote & dismissing further interaction. My car is currently undergoing accidental repair. The repair work has already been completed on 11-Mar-2014 .The claim No: MOT03658221 is hanging owing to recovery piece. I spoke with Sachin Patil to get the claim processed .However, He informed, unless the recovery is met. The claim can’t be processed. I Spoke with Sachin’s Manager “Mandar Randive”, shared the details of entire goof-up. We had a conference call including Ravi Gupta.Ravi Gupta bluntly refused to bear the cost. He also mentioned that, the purchase request for policy came through third party & information of NCB was not given to him. Hence, he is not accountable. He shoved away with accountability by telling that I should have cancelled the policy by that time only. He ordered Mr. Mandar to follow the process “Which means reject the claim”. (Call recording available) I called Ajay Jadhav (Ravi Gupta’s Manager) & informed about the blunt refusal. I also told him that Ravi Gupta was kept in loop well in advance about the NCB before buying the policy on 12-Jul-2013. It’s only after the artifact of email being present for advance communication “Ravi accepted his mistake” as told by Ajay Jadhav. But, still refused to bear the cost recovery charges. Ajay told that they will take due action by marking Ravi Gupta in his appraisals. Ajay discussed this with under writers & told that there is no scope found to remove the recovery. Ajay politely told me with humility that I have used the services. Hence accountability should also fall on me. If I am paying something to buy a product giving correct information, I am doing it to use the services. I am not paying it to do a charity or place it in my drawing room as a masterpiece. I don’t care what action you will take against your employee. All I demand is, you people need to Remove NCB recovery of Rs 3751 & bear the entire accident repair bill of Rs 11584 as compensation. For indulging in 1. Fraud 2. Harassment & mental agony to bear recovery, 3. Deficiency in service by rejecting the claim, 4. Delaying the delivery of car by 7 days during rainy days adding risk to my commutation.

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