This person has been buying from all over the internet, and since Digital Downloads have been available has also taken free patterns to list and resell on her Etsy site ICKYTHECAT. Most of the patterns she will offer as ‘Almost Free’ in order to try to prevent the sellers she has bought from making further sales. She buys using aliases so is difficult to track. Now her website ickycat.co.uk lists mostly other peoples work. Not just vintage, some have fairly recent copyright. To stop her would be costly , and considering patterns sell for small amounts individuals would not have the means to follow it up. Collectively they should file a lawsuit against her. Her sole purpose is to put people out of business, and yet she cannot possibly make any money herself! It seems she has good internet knowledge, as she is now blocking IP addresses of the sellers she has stolen from to prevent them from accessing her site. I know in all business there will be copycats and copyright abuse, she is on a small scale compared to designers who have their ideas stolen. Her main crime is being a very nasty person!!

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