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Id like to bring to your attention a problem I encountered recently with the overall experience with Igias product Epil-Stop & Spray, Citrus. I purchased the product Epil-Stop & Spray locally on Saturday July6, 2001. I read and followed the enclosed directions. nThe next day I used their product as directed and received chemical burns to my face from the Roll-on. The area that was not burned required more than one treatment to eradicate any hair what so ever. This includes the legs, which took both bottles to remove only 90% of the hair. Within 3 hours of application to the legs I once again had stubble. The smell was horrible! I have had better results with Nair. nI do not appreciate the misleading information given in your infomercials or on your packaging. I have significant hair growth on my face and had hoped that your product was the answer, I am very wrong! nBe assured that I will inform every single person I know of my experience and will be contacting as many agencies as possible to ensure that no one else must suffer this. I would also like you to know that this experience will cause many problems for me at my job, as I am a Front Desk Clerk at a Hotel on Palm Beach in Florida. nMy face, which has been burned by you product, is the first thing my guests see. The ONLY good thing that can be said about your product is that the roll-on and spry application method is slightly better than smearing on a lotion. Needless to say, I was quite upset as a result of this. n>Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on IGIA Products

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