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Complaint: We ordered chicken strips. Upon being served, the waitress advised that they didn’t have the desired sauce. We advised that we wouldn’t have ordered the two meals had we known in advance that they didn’t have da sauce. There was never an offer made if we would like to order a different meal. The strips were over cooked as well as the potatoes. The manager was called to the table and he was nice enough to give us a dusty bottle of spicy mustard. Later he came back to ask how everything was. I told him it wasn’t very tasty. He smirked and walked away. He did offer to take 20% off the bill, but when the bill came 20% wasn’t subtracted. Perhaps he figured I wouldn’t leave a tip. Needless to say, I didn’t leave a tip nor would I go back to that IHOP. We did NOT enjoy our meal! Final note: My wife and I decided that companies such as these are making bigger “PROFITS”” by employing managers and subordinates from 3rd world countries who are used to treating customers with less respect and who don’t take pride in making customers happy. Just get the money and run…whatever it takes and “”give back as little as possible.”” …Welcome to the New World Order! C miami

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Address: FloridaU.S.A.”


Phone: 72nd Drive SW 92nd Street Miami, Florida U.S.A.

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