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When I was pregnant with my first son who is 11 now, my husband (boyfriend at this time) lived with a few roommates and would stay with me on weekends. Throughout the week there would always be these 3 girls that would go to his apartment and each one of these trashy sluts was having sex with one of his friends and one of them was f**king my man! Here I am 6 months pregnant and this slut would smile in my face and when I left have sex with my man! Well he finally moved in with me when I was 9 months pregnant after I caught her in his bathroom with him while he was shaving and in his boxers! Well of course he always denied it and defended her when I would speak bad about her! || Anyways 10 years go by and this bitch somehow gets ahold of his cell phone number and decides to text him to see how he was doing! I let this bitch have it and instead of being a decent human being with any inch of class, she brags to me about all the times she f**ked my man!! Just said horrible nasty things to me! She is a piece of white trash who is not even on my level and this bitch seriously needs to be exposed! She had a husband at the time who she claims she is still with to this day and she never wanted my man”we just f**ked duh!” Bragging about giving him oral sex and everything just a horrible nasty person she is! The man in this picture with her is her husband and he probably doesnít even know how proud his wife is that she is a slut that happily screws men with pregnant girlfriends and still tries for years to get in contact with him! HE DOESNíT WANT HER! I am a nurse with a great job and she is straight trailer trash and she thinks that Iím the one jealous! Lol.. she is nowhere near my level and im just thankful she never gave my man a disease that he could have given to me and our son! || He was a big piece of shit for what he did too and looking at her pictures I’m actually embarrassed for him and he is embarrassed as well!

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