Imagez Teevee, Peachtree Lenox Austell Maryland Review


Imagez TeeVee posted an ad on Craiglist for Atlanta’s Most Talented Kids with the winning prize of 1000.00. The registration was $48.00 and they provided a receipt at the audition. You signed all the proper paperwork and the people presented themselves as a company with great reps. They claimed to have given BOW WOW his start and listed his bio on the website. After the audition, you would get emails trying to get you to participate in workshops for your kids at crazy prices. $150.00 for 4 sessions of Acting Development at 15 minutes a session. The kids had one group rehearsal and after that you never heard from them again. They changed their phonenumbers, closed the website and was no show at the competition. They don’t return your emails and Sharon Reid who was the person in charge stopped all contact. It is a hoax and most of the people were out of state. Beware because everything seems legit. nSharnnAustell, MarylandU.S.A.

8351 Roswell Road #363 Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.

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