IMEIUnlockPro Review


I submitted the order to unlock an AT&T iPhone on 12/5/2014. It was not unlocked after a full week and IMEIUnlockPro told me it was blocked and asked me to upgrade to their Premium EXPRESS service for another $49 GBP. They promised to get it unlocked within 12-24 hrs. However, again it was not unlocked after ONE FULL WEEK! I requested a refund and they kept asking for more time to unlock it. I submitted a dispute through PayPal and they denied the refund since PayPal does not provide protection for intangible merchandise (such as services). They really should honor the refund since they did not deliver any service and my phone is still locked. After THREE WEEKS I had to dispute through my credit card and wait for the results. I can only say they are FRAUD and will waste your time and money. They don’t even deserve 0 star. .

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