Imposter Craiglist


I saw a home on Craigslist, and the rental property said $1100. For 3bdrm 3ba, so I reply asking does this home except section 8, and that I’m interested, they replied back yes. Now in the address it said $1100. And $800 move in deposit, now I explain that my moving papers will take 3-4 was before I can receive them and start the process, so the person tells me that he has the keys with him, so therefore he won’t be able to get them to me, but he gives info to me how I can send him the deposit and he can send the keys through FedEx. Remind you, I haven’t gotten my moving papers, and I also said it will take 3-4 wks before I receive them. So I asked this person to bare with me, and they responded, I have other people that’s interested in this house too! Now I never sent the money, but how can this person be so in a rush for $800, and yet no papers has been signed, or section8 hasn’t inspect the home, we haven’t met to discuss how this is going to work. I waited for a response again just to see if my actions was on point, and sure enough, I haven’t heard anything else from them. Now I have the name of the person, bank info, and the name of the bank to go to, this person is really tossing up red flags.

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