Impostor- Kforce group


KForce group work from home position is a fraud.I wanted to share this information before someone becomes a victim.Recently I went to Craigslist to seek employment where I ran across a position that was a work from home job. It paid $17.50 for a one week training that $22 a hour upon completion. The first red flag was the grammar issues I noticed. This scammer was a little smarter than others I have come across because the used a well know company (Kforce group) and also had the linked In profile as well as a phone and fax number.They sent me a check for $1950.00 to purchase the laptop, phone, fax, and scanner but I could not get through my mind why would they trust a stranger to cash a check. Why not do it themselves? I tried to call the bank who was listed on the check to verify the phones but was on hold for over a hour. Now I’m thinking no one will ever answer because its fake. It has a automated setup and everything and tells you to hold until a rep answers over and over. Finally I called KForce myself. They young lady informed me of a couple things:1. They will never send out a check2. The email should end with kforce.comSomething else I noticed was that there was no phone number on the check and only one number for every locations i googled.I cant seem to figure out how they would benefit from this if I cashed the check. Usually scammers will send a larger amount requesting the remaining funds back but I’m thinking $1950.00 should barely be enough to purchase a laptop, scanner, phone, and fax machine. Either way I am not trying to find out the hard way and I hope no one else does.The lady who emailed me name was Susan Castellanosthe phone numbers listed in the email were:phone 201-500-8827 and fax 201-500-8852I was told once I cashed the check to send a receipt to [email protected]the original posting was thing I noticed was that the ad stated it was a PT position paying $18 but the email said $22 with 40-45 hours a week. Sound like someone is forgetting the original lie.

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