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Complaint: Imran F Vakil is working for LiveFaceonWeb in filing tons of frivulous bullshit lawsuits and claiming copyright infringement for a line of code they never owned, have no ownership and rely on most peoples ignorance of basic technical terms especially the court. He willingly is filing a bogus lawsuit in the hopes the courts will be so drowned in technical knowledge that they will be forced to settle. Lawyers like this are should be disbarred and their licenses stripped. They have filed over 20 lawsuits for a service that innocent businesses have paid 200 dollars and then his partner the even crazier Russian Mobster names Eduard H Shcherbakov claims he owned the HTML that they were using. At first he was claiming he patented it but when the patent was proven false and outright garbage they are claiming copyright infringement, all in the hopes of just creating courtcases that cant be dismissed because nobody has the technical knowledge to dismiss something so ridiculous. Its like claiming copyright for the @ symbol in someones email its fraud and its lying to teh court and he should be held responsible and his law license revoked

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