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Complaint: *******PLEASE READ THIS REPORT FOR IN DEPTH THERAPY in BROOMFIELD, CO****** If you are a parent who live in the Boulder County area or more spcifically Broomfield, Co, Please read this terrifying stoy from my interaction with Indepth Therapy (aka Love and Logic). My husband and I enrolled in the “Parenting Class”” that was given by this company in Broomfield named: Indepth Theray. We thought we could learn soome great new skills to help raising our daughter and ADHD disorder. Once we can to our first session I met a women named Barbara Humble who introduced herself as the Director of the company. After a few min of speaking with Ms. Humble I realized that she continuallly brought the conversation back to

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Address: “”the purchase of several books that you can read on your own””. At first

Website: calling him a little sh_t.. and even said

Phone: her “”sales pitch”” wasnt bad but as the (very unorganized and unprofessional meeting) went on

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