Donna called me about receiving information about me searching for a loan she has a private lender offering 3k at an 0.08% interest rate for 3 yrs at $90 a mth…. I advise her I am single mom and has a child with cerebral palsy and the 3k would definitely come in handy. She advise me that I can get a co-signer whom makes 120k and not be an existing co signer on any loans, I can place 5mths up front meaning $450 as collateral and not have to make any payments until the 6th mth, or make a 1k payment for insurance on the loan so If I get laid off, fired etc It would cover me for up to a year until I find work. Anyway to make a long story I made the pymnt a week later because I do live from paycheck to paycheck she kept calling me advising me they are working on it and then she called me back asking for an additional $450 by them I was furious ask for a refund she said it will take up to 28/31 days, I then said I was not going to tolerate that, she then advised me she is really working on the loan for me to get the 3k and eventually stopped answering my calls.

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