Indian Trails Review


I don’t usually make complaints about companies, in fact this is my first time ever doing this, but I am fed up with Indian trails. Two times now I have bought a ticket for a bus and waited for hours for it to show up, with it never happening to. Both times I called customer service, and both times they told me that the bus driver clocked in as stopping at where I was supposed to be picked up. They weren’t, either time. I told this to the customer service woman and she basically said tough s**t, too late for you. No refund, nothing. The second time this happened there were two other people waiting at the bus stop with me and they were told the same thing when they called in. Indian trails has absolute trash for customer service and multiple of their drivers have literally lied about stopping places where they were supposed to. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, even as a last ditch effort. Unreliable, unhelpful, untrustworthy.

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